Time and Location

Sunday, November 26th 1 PM PDT at Empire City Colosseum

Every week we can feel you clamoring for more crossover between VWE, WPWF, and DIE, but you can’t strong arm us. Instead, every Sunday we give you a sample, a teaser and a taste in the form of a show called “Pulse Wrestling”. Pulse Wrestling is presented every Sunday at 1 pm SLT at the Empire City Coliseum and this week there is a doozy of a couple matches already scheduled that should whet your appetite. So let’s just jump right in.

Full match card

Match One

Victor X. Kessel

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With size, power, speed, and an aggression, Victor Kessel has everything it takes to be one of the best wrestlers in the world.  The former VWE Men’s Extreme Champion, VWE Tag Team Champion, and 2-time VWE United States Champion is easily a first-round Hall of Famer, but the one thing that would tip the scale and make him one of the most remembered names in history is the VWE World Heavyweight Championship.  Since returning from his exile, the man once known as “Wolfy” has been more agitated, showing a darker side while standing up for the people who cannot stand up for themselves.  His motto of “Retribution, Retaliation, and Revenge” have brought him into conflict with some of the most despicable people in VWE.  This week on Pulse Wrestling, however, he will face the obstacle of speed, agility, and heart… Rhys Tucker.  Rhys gives up five inches in height to Victor, and more than 30 pounds in weight, but Rhys has never let being the smaller opponent be his anchor.  He uses his size and speed to his advantage, upsetting some larger opponents.  Even last week against Mr. Hollywood, Rhys was an impressive combatant.  This will be the classic strength versus speed battle and if Tucker force Victor to move around a lot, getting out of Kessel’s power comfort zone, then Rhys could be hearing his music at the end of the contest.

3 vs. 2 Match

Main Event

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Nyle Nightfire

The scheduled main event of Pulse Wrestling this week throws everything into the ring except the kitchen sink.  Two weeks ago, there was a big match, trying to figure out who would be the # 1 Contender to face Pulse Men’s Champion Kingston Ellington next Wednesday at Pulse Invasion II.  Unfortunately, that Triple Threat Match ended in a no contest when the referee thought that all three men were so hurt that they could not continue and needed medical attention.  Thankfully, all three men were fine and Sunday, they will all team up.  You read that correctly.  Matt Asadar, Bert O’Neill, and Drake Edwards will all team up to face the team of Nyle Nightfire and Kingston Ellington.  This is a 3-on-2 Handicap Tag Team Match.  In a match like this, it is impossible to say what could happen because there are more than a few combinations.  What can be said is that with the mixture of styles in this match, you are guaranteed to see something special happen inside that ring.  Both Nyle and the Gunslinger are powerbase fighters, who use their reach advantage and strength as their biggest assets.  Bert and the Price are more speed and agility, taking high-risk for high-rewards.  And then you have Drake Edwards, who is more of a jack-of-all-trades type wrestler who will strike when needed, grapple when required, and fly when the moment is right.  All five of these men have been circling like vultures around the Pulse Men’s Championship, having title shots thrust upon them because they are all worthy of leading and representing the Pulse Wrestling brand.  No one wants to take the loss in this match and they will all have their eyes in the moment and ahead to Wednesday at Pulse Invasion II.

Card is subject to change