Height: 5´9
Weight: 200 lbs
From: Koopa Kingdom

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Turbo as a kid was a big gamer he loved games they were an escape for him from the hard times he had grown up with a father who was a wrestler but was not so kind to Turbo or his mother. Turbo hated his father and everything his father did especially wrestling. Growing up his father would make him wrestle in their backyard ring. Teaching him everything he knew Turbo hated this but it was the only time his father was ever smiling and kind to him. Becoming a teen Turbo started to enjoy wrestling putting his love of games into his moves and dying his hair Blue for Mega Man and Pink for Kirby. He lied to his first promoter telling them he was 18 why only being 16 he got worked over and squashed a lot before getting a serious injury that kept him out of the ring for 2 years. With the two years off when he wasn’t rehabbing and working out, Turbo was playing games developing a persona and character that would do well in any promotion. So he came up with Bert “Turbo” O’Neill a high flyer that comes out in bright colors and is there to entertain the crowd with his silly jokes his gamer music entrance and his never give up attitude that even though he is a smaller wrestler that doesn’t mean the big guys can push him around.

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