Height: 6 ´ 11
Weight: 295 lbs
From: The Plains of the Wild West

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Matt Asadar is something of a mystery. He wandered into VWE when he stumbled into Empire City one random day. From that day he felt that VWE was a place he could finally call home. The only information we have about his mysterious past is that he lost both of his parents around the age of 10 and has largely been on his own for his entire life. Taking the things his parents instilled in him has given him the ability to survive. Since coming into VWE, Matt has made it known that he is not a guy to play games, or pull strings. He is a man who believes in earning every opportunity because of what he does in the ring. The only experience known is some simple bare-knuckle bar fighting that he would do as he traveled around from town to town. Matt has always used his size to his advantage and gained the nickname “The Gunslinger” from his quickdraw reactions. Matt’s story is still being written, and his past still being learned. One thing is for certain, The Gunslinger is a man aiming to do it right.

Career Highlights

April 16th, 2017- Debut Match Vs Drake Edwards on PULSE Wrestling

April 30th, 2017- First Victory over Mr. Hollywood via pinfall

June 3rd, 2017  and June 4th, 2017- Took part in the first ever Tag Team CLassic with Brooke Owens, advanced to the Semi-finals

November 29th, 2017 – Became PULSE Wrestling Champion by winning the Championship Scramble.

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